All inspired by a little Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay

Continuing in alphabetical order, and reviewing our first white, Chardonnay is up this week!

Barefoot Chardonnay

Alcohol Content: 13%

Flavor: Although I found this medium-bodied Chardonnay to be exceptionally dry, I thoroughly enjoyed the rich buttery-oak taste it offered. The low-acidity and tropical essence of lemon, mango, and pineapple flavors are definitely it’s strong points however, and what makes this a delicious wine.

Fisheye Chardonnay

Alcohol Content: 13%

Flavor: Fully loaded with fruity flavors of apple, pear, and pineapple, this is a perfectly sweetened Chardonnay. But it’s the crisp, oaky-vanilla finish that keeps you coming back for more.

Sutter Home Chardonnay

Alcohol Content: 13%

Flavor: Probably most likely to be located in the middle of the ‘dry’ spectrum, this Chardonnay, I believe, was my least favorite of the bunch. Though the low acidity was a definite plus, the expected fruitful aroma turned out to be non-existent, leaving the wine comparable to an almost, dull, apple or white-grape juice. Generally a fan of Sutter Home wines, but can’t say that I would recommend their Chardonnay.

Yellowtail Chardonnay

Alcohol Content: 13.5%

Flavor: Soft and creamy, this Chardonnay protrudes with welcoming flavors of honeydew and melon, unlike some of it’s relatives. Although the oak flavor is quite rich with this brand, I found it enjoyably easy to drink, as the finish was exceptionally silky.

Cavit Chardonnay

Alcohol Content: 12.1%

Flavor: Delightfully balanced with the perfect amount of fruitiness and acidity, I unexpectedly really enjoyed this brand. The crispy apple, pear, and vanilla hints of this medium-bodied Chardonnay leave the palate tasting refreshed- a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.


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